Pixel Gun 3D Mod APK is an exciting game that offers players an entirely new dimension of shooting and survival games. With its distinctive pixelated graphics, players are transported into a world of shooting where they must battle against hordes of enemies and monsters. Pixel gun 3d mod menu apk features a range of weapons, which can be upgraded and customized to suit the player’s preference. Additionally, the pixel gun 3d mod menu includes several game modes such as Deathmatch, Co-op Survival, and Battle Royale, providing players with unique challenges and gameplay experiences. This game stands out from the crowd with its unique graphics, exciting gameplay, and exclusive features, making it a must-try for any fan of shooting games.

Pixel Gun 3D Mod Menu

Pixel Gun 3D Mod Menu is a modified version of the game that provides players with a range of new features and functionalities through a customized menu. Here are some of the features in detail:

1. Unlimited Coins and Gems

It allows players to access unlimited coins and gems to purchase new weapons, skins, and accessories in the game’s shop.

2. Premium Weapons

It gives access to exclusive and premium weapons such as laser guns, rocket launchers, and more which provide them with an advantage in battle, enabling them to defeat enemies with greater ease. Some additional features are:

  • No recoil
  • One-hit kill
  • Adjustable ammo count
  • Increased fire rate
  • Improved bullet speed
  • Increased critical hit chance
  • Faster reloading speed
  • Extended shooting range
  • Crosshair customization
  • Adjustable Aim FOV (Field of View)
  • Chams (customizable visual effects)
  • Invisibility option
  • Anti-Safe Kill feature
  • Enhanced aim assist
Pixel Gun 3D Mod Menu APK

3. Exclusive Maps and Game Modes

It allows players to access exclusive maps and game modes with unique challenges and gameplay experiences, such as mini-games, parkour challenges, etc.

4. Advanced Tools for Map Editing

It provides players with advanced tools for editing and creating their maps, allowing them to design their levels and share them with the game’s community.

5. Unlock All Skins and Accessories

It allows players to unlock all the skins and accessories with a range of customization options, allowing them to personalize their character to their liking. Additional features include:

  • Level customization option
  • Adjustable player speed
  • Jump customization option
  • Visual free shopping feature

6. Unlimited Ammo

The provision of unlimited ammo ensures that players never run out of ammunition during battles. It also features:

  • Shoot explosive rounds
  • Fire shotgun bullets
  • Fire laser beams
  • Melee attack option
  • Teleportation ability
  • No-clip rocket launcher
  • Enemies drop coins when killed
  • No charging time required
  • Bullet breakout effect
  • Automatic shooting feature

7. Freezes Enemies

It allows players to freeze their enemies, making them temporarily immobile and easier to defeat in battle.

8. Activate God Mode

It makes the player invincible, making them impervious to enemy attacks and damage, and enables them to explore the game’s maps without worrying about getting killed.

9. Disable leveling up

It allows players to halt their progress in the game and prevent their characters from leveling up.

10. Health regeneration option

It helps players to recover their health over time automatically without having to rely on health kits or other items.

11. Armor regeneration option

It enables players to regenerate their armor automatically over time enabling them to last longer in combat and survive more hits from their opponents.

12. Anti-Ban

It is designed to protect players from getting banned from the game.

13. Ad-Free Gaming

It keeps the game ad-free, providing a seamless gaming experience without any interruptions.

Pixel Gun 3D Mod Menu boasts features such as:

  • VIP access
  • Instant respawn option
  • Chat spamming capability
  • Mushroom power-up


Pixel Gun 3D Mod Menu is an unmatched and thrilling game for players who enjoy the intensity of fast-paced action and immersive combat scenarios. Whether you are a casual or a serious gamer, Pixel Gun 3D is sure to captivate you with its diverse and challenging gameplay. Don’t forget to read Pixel Gun 3D Mod APK FAQs.